Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voing Rites

I just came back from voting. Every first Tuesday in November I wake up early and perform my duty as a U.S. citizen: I bear arms. Then I go vote. I was initially going to vote for Barack Obama, but after seeing how incredibly stiff and awkward and utterly unfunny John McCain and Sarah Palin were last night on SNL I decided to change my vote. My favorite part was when Sarah Palin said after two whole months - TWO WHOLE MONTHS! - of 20-hour days campaigning she was ready for a break. In no particular order:

1. Sweetheart, Barack has been campaigning like 10 times longer than that.
2. Bush's precedent notwithstanding, how many hours a day did you think you'd be working when you became vice-prez?
3. It doesn't sound like Sarah Palin expects to have a new job tomorrow if she's already talking about a break.

Let's focus on that last one a little bit more. Honestly, I urge you to watch the clip. 'Twas a beautiful moment: Sarah Palin, bereft, robbed, denied of any of the folksy charm some claimed she once possessed. I've said when I look in John McCain's eyes I can see he's a tragic figure. When I looked Sarah Palin's eyes last night, I could see she knew: she was beaten; she knew she was a loser.

Since Sarah Palin in this presidential election seemed to look down on Barack Obama, let me explain to her what being Barack Obama is like. I guess it's sort of like being Sarah Palin, except that you actually win national elections.

Election Day always holds special significance for me, because it was on Election Day in 2004 that I stated my first blog. Back then I suggested they replace the ubiquitous "I Voted" stickers with the sexier, more hype "Kiss Me, I Voted."


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