Saturday, December 06, 2008

Awkward Cute Mentee Moment #13

Yesterday: No ring. I checked both hands this time, just to be sure. Do you ever take them into the shop for some reason?


Anonymous Mike said...

Having met Mr. Law Revue, CM is having second thoughts about her life choices. Half of all marriages fail, so what does that say about engagements? That's right, the odds are on your side.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Blue Sky said...

Be careful of reading into things too much. Idle time can do that to you.

I wish I knew more details. Being a hopeless romantic myself know you can always rap with me about girl problems, and I'll always be there to help. But knowing what I do know...

Do you know her outside of work? Try to meet her outside of work. Preferably with her fiance. Maybe it'll be too hard, but seeing their dynamic will give you much more information about the situation.

PS. Did you give her my initials on purpose? JK...

12:16 AM  

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