Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Noob Definitely Made Those Tracks

Here's how CM and I spend our workdays:

A Madlib: On The Trail Of Bigfoot

One Bleached day, our class went hiking along the Duluth River. Like all Beached hikers, we were ready for any emergency. In our backpacks, we carried Whales, Whale-Steak, and one Dominant Male Turkey During Mating Season.

As we walked along the trail, Dr Leo Marvin noticed a(n) Gooey footprint. “Do you think a(n) Noob made these tracks?” Dr Leo Marvin asked.

“No, but let's follow them anyway,” suggested [anonymous coworker].

We Exploded for hours. Then I screamed, “Humbug!! I think I see a huge Appendix.

OMG!” we heard someone say. It was Amanda Hugginkiss.

Amanda Hugginkiss!” we screamed. “We thought you were a huge Appendix!

“Do I look like a huge Appendix? Well, as long as you're all here, you can help me look for Madlibs. There are lots of them here along the Duluth River. We can take them back to school and study them under our microscopes.”

OMG!!” everyone said.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back By Two People's Demand

I am too lazy to write a post about C.M. Here, however, for your perusal is an email she sent me over the weekend. From it you should be able to figure out how things are proceeding without too much trouble..."provenance," I believe archaeologists (and the French, it you believe etymologists) call it.

You're a really impressive guy, Big Tuna. The last thing I would want is to set up expectations that I cannot ultimately meet. If you want to have a conversation about whatever is going on between us, I think that is a fine idea. I would probably end up telling you that I think the feelings are relatively mutual. When I said I like you "quite a bit," it was more of my way of saying I like you a whole heck of a lot. The problem is that liking someone this much while trying to figure out an engagement is pretty scary for me. For the time being, I don't feel right acting upon it so I guess if that means putting things on hold, then that's probably what we should do. If you want to talk about anything further that's cool with me. You'll still remain the reason I get excited about coming to work!